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Hydra -virtual musical

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Listening conditions are as different as musical
preferences and listening habits.
Science-inspired perfect sound.
Hydra - virtual musical reality wave
Expand Your Musical Perception
Hydra - is a revolutionary solution to fill your space with the energy of music
Realistic sound at high frequencies and natural uniqueness
Changing the direction of the speakers to achieve a presence effect
Unique design creates superior acoustic performance

Adjust the directionality of the sounds for the best effect.

The ability to create your own sound in the room

While maintaining an academically accurate sound.

A revolutionary solution that will fill your space with the energy of music

Which allows Hydra to be an integral part of your interior.

The effect of presence, micro dynamics, a powerful lightning strike or a concert right in front of you

All from the same acoustics.

Realistic sound - gives you soulful enjoyment

One acoustic for all occasions and moods.

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Perfect sound inspired by science
Dynamic Acoustics
Four bands, eight amplifiers,
absolute control
Dynamic Acoustics Dynamic Acoustics Dynamic Acoustics Dynamic Acoustics Dynamic Acoustics
Hydra - a revolutionary solution
This is the first unique premium loudspeaker system that provides superior reproduction accuracy and sonic balance
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Hydra's thoughtful design creates the most homogeneous and expansive sound field for listeners, revealing fullness and clarity of sound
High-frequency tweeter in a polymer concrete enclosure.
The tweeter is the loudspeaker with the most directional sound wave emission pattern.
Flexible holders.
Because the array of individual speakers is mounted in high-quality flexible mounts, their location and orientation can be easily changed.
Midrange speakers in treated coconut shell enclosures.
The coconut endocarp gives realistic sound at high frequencies and a natural uniqueness.
The woofer is the upper-bass speaker in a closed box.
Play sound waves in the low-frequency range of 30 Hz to 1 kHz, such as drums or bass guitar.
The subwoofer is a bass speaker in a closed box.
Low-frequency speaker for playback of lower range frequencies (20 Hz to 1 kHz).
Polymer concrete body.
Concrete as an acoustic enclosure in the shape of an ovaloid of rotation, shows the best acoustic properties in the low frequency spectrum.
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Feel the least vibrations

Dynamic Acoustics

  1. The ribbon tweeter, thanks to our solution, is customer-oriented by adjusting the tilt.
  2. Four midrange loudspeakers – providing the most even frequency response of the midrange sound.
  3. The ability to change the directionality of the sound is the basis of immersion in music, filling the space with sound.
  4. Upward facing "upper bass" speaker – minimum resonance and coloration from the actual listening space.
Dynamic Acoustics
Technical specifications
142cm / 36cm | 38kg
44cm / 39cm / 12cm | 15kg
2 linear
1 terminal amplifier mode
1 optical
2 coaxial
Hydra Technical specifications
18Hz-40kHz / THD <0,1% (1kHz/90dB/1m)
10Hz-100kHz THD <0,001%
DSD 64-512
Each of the amplifiers, provides excellent reproduction accuracy and sound balance
amplifier amplifier
Dynamic acoustics

The effect of presence, micro dynamics, a powerful lightning strike or a concert right in front of you – all thanks to one acoustic

Coconut feature

Many micropores and fibers, not only effectively dampen internal resonances, but also open up the sound

Oval body

Rock-hard oval body guarantees deep, precise and powerful bass

Full control

Four bands, eight amps, absolute control what will provide quality sound in a wide variety of rooms

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Direct connection

Each of the amplifiers is directly connected to the speakers, providing excellent accuracy and sonic balance.

Spatial sound

Incredible variety of perception effects, the ability to change the parameters of the music scene.

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