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Copra Acoustic LLC — Ukrainian manufacturer of premium class acoustic systems with a multifaceted history of creation and development
Coconut shells are unique - strong and light
The coconut shell, called the endocarp, provides realistic sound, even at high volume levels, combined with unique lightness, compactness and durability
Coconut Coconut shells Coconut shells
Unique appearance, which will be an unusual element in your interior
One of the important features of the coconut shell is the many micropores and fibers that not only effectively dampen internal resonances, but also open up the sound, similar to the body of a violin
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Our way
Our way
The creator of Copra technology and company is engineer Maxim Chizhov from Odesa. The beginning of his path was to create products for himself and friends at the level of basic knowledge.
company history
Technology postmodernism
Technology postmodernism
Incredible variety of perceptual effects, opportunities to change the parameters of the musical scene are provided by changing the direction of the midrange speakers, the implementation of the wavefront change and countless possibilities for organizing reflection.
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Oval body, hard as a rock - a guarantee deep, precise and powerful bass
  • Master the material from the subwoofer enclosure to the amplifier enclosure.
  • Does not introduce any distortion or vibration at the lowest weight and dimensions.
  • Heavy-duty loudspeaker with a maximum amplitude of oscillation up to 6 cm,
    capable of providing a range from 18 Hz.
  • Presence effect, micro dynamics, a powerful lightning strike or a concert right in front of you -
    one acoustic for all occasions and moods.
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Diameter: 36cm
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