our history

From idea to concept - 13 years,
from concept to product - 2 years

The creator of the technology and the company Copra, is an engineer Maxim Chizhov from Odesa. The beginning of his way, was to create products for himself and friends at the level of basic knowledge. After that it was decided to enter the I.I. Mechnikov Odesa National University at the Department of Theoretical Physics.

During the period of study at the university, the first two projects of acoustic systems were implemented under the order.

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The 1st serious set was created at the age of 17 (2005)

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2nd project - built-in 5.1 speakers (2010)

During the same period, two main ideas emerged - the project of ionic acoustic system, and "acoustics from coconut", which attracted investors. This was the point of attraction for the team, the appearance of the first partner, the electronics engineer Alexander Korzun.
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Acoustic measurements of one of the first prototypes of the Waveion ionic acoustic system, Lvov, Amphiton Design Bureau, Anechoic Room (2011)

Acoustic measurements

Alexander Korzun is the firm's chief electronic engineer, partner (2012)

More than 10 years of research and development were devoted to the Waveion ionic loudspeaker system. It was during this period that the first patents and system prototypes appeared.
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Research Institute of Plasma Physics, I.I. Mechnikov Odesa National University (2011)

As a result of graduate school, a thesis on "Stable Generation of Sound Waves in a Weakly Ionized Gas Medium," in which a new physical phenomenon was studied and mathematically described, where, without processes visible to the naked eye, one can make air pulsate. Such an intangible sound source, which is a so-called acoustic monopole, requires no enclosure, making it an ideal wide-range loudspeaker.
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One of the first prototypes of the ion acoustic system. Research Institute of Plasma Physics, I.I. Mechnikov Odesa National University (2011)

The idea of an ion loudspeaker system remained in the development stage, due to an unexpected physical problem on the way to the commercialization of the project.
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At the moment, highly specialized engineers are working on this task.
A functional prototype of the Waveion system was presented at two exhibitions in the United States.
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CES 2017

After CES 2017 we discussed with our partners the further development of the company.
So, after gaining status and professional expertise of the team, the idea of using coconut endocarp gained the right to serious attention and support, and so the Hydra system was born and with it the Copra company.
Hydra system

The first MVP of the Hydra system (2017)

Between 2017 and 2019, the amplifier electronics were upgraded and the small series production technology was perfected.
An updated prototype of the Waveion system was prepared for IFA 2019.
An important milestone in the development of the company was the move to the first production facility, with an area of 150 m2.
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Working environment in one of our premises in Odesa (2018)

hidden part of the ionic speaker

The hidden part of the ionic speaker system (2018)

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The process of working with the case of one of the first Hydra systems (2018)

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The polymer concrete reinforcing casing made by our team (2019)

Power supply

Power supply transformers capable of delivering up to 8 kW of power (2019)

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System electromagnetic safety tests (2019)

Working with a fellow assistant

Working with a fellow assistant on an ionic loudspeaker element (2019)

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Participation in IFA (2019)

Between 2019 and 2021, we organized many private presentations in profile circles of sound engineers, musicians, designers and dealers in Ukraine.
The result of 2019 was the creation of the company - LLC "Kopra Acoustic". During this period, after the exhibitions, we began to receive orders for Hydra systems - exclusively in the domestic market of Ukraine.
In 2020, after a series of trial purchases of selected coconuts from India and several Asian countries, Maxim Chizhov went to Sri Lanka to search for a supplier himself.
Maxim Chizhov went to Sri Lanka
In the same year, custom Hydra systems were ordered - with painting, logos, in black and white.
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The year 2021 was filled with a number of important events for us. One of which was the move to the new 550 m2 room. The working environment looked like this:
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The electronics that we built from scratch deserve special attention.
The electronics
It is worth noting that all nodes of the "stuffing", was proposed and implemented by Alexander Korzun, partner and electronic engineer.
Using advanced controllers and transistors of pulse-width modulation, which provide distortion of incredible 0.001%, Alexander on the one hand managed to raise the working voltage to + - 90 volts, which allowed to provide an extraordinary margin of power and quality of amplification. On the other hand, he realized a hybrid technology of amplification combining pulse-width modulation and frequency modulation with deep feedback.
This approach resulted in a powerful signal amplification, which formed the basis of the firm.
Another important event was the completion of a training acceleration program paid for by the government. Thanks to this, basic academic knowledge of the business was gained for the first time.
Unit school of business
Upon completion of the ISE, the project was recognized by representatives of the Unit school of business.
After this program, we received a $50,000 grant from the USF state program for the development of the firm. Among the 17 winners, according to the voting results of the expert jury, we took 2nd place.
grant from the USF
At the end of 2021 we received the right to represent our products on behalf of the state in the Ukrainian pavilion of Dubai EXPO2020.


At the end of 2021, we identified a region with an endemic variety of coconuts that are best suited for use as speaker enclosures. Also, the first batches were received from the partner factory.
the Cyclops system
During 2021-2022, the Cyclops system was developed based on our years of experience and customer demand.
the Cyclops system 2 the Cyclops subwoofer

Process of sanding and polishing the Cyclops subwoofer cabinet (2022)

the Cyclops subwoofer port

Cyclops subwoofer phase-inverter port: the best sound without ghosting at high volumes

Cyclops tweeter enclosure

Cyclops tweeter enclosure (2022)

The first comparison test

The first comparison test of Cyclops with Focal full-range speakers and Vincen amplifier

In 2022 they participated for the first time in the Munich Hi-End Show 2022.
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The first orders from Germany, Lithuania, and Finland were an immediate result of our participation in the profile exhibition.
At the end of 2022, Maxim Zavyalov, the founder and owner of a number of technological companies, began to supervise our project.
The goal was to enter the international market and scale up.
Together toward a common goal

Our Team

Maxim Chizhov
Maxim Chizhov
Company manager,
design engineer
Hennadiy Kravchenko
Hennadiy Kravchenko
Alexander Korzun
Alexander Korzun
Chief electronic
Maxim Zavyalov
Maxim Zavyalov
Production Consultant
Vladimir Kosolapov
Vladimir Kosolapov
Master molder
polymer concrete
Maxim Zubenko
Maxim Zubenko
Konstantin Stepanov
Konstantin Stepanov
Master engineer
for electronics assembly
Mykola Drumchoglo
Mykola Drumchoglo
Master of the art
with coconut shells
Maxim Zenoviev
Maxim Zenoviev
Master grinder
and polisher
Katerina Kostanji
Katerina Kostanji
Chief accountant
Hryhorii Kornienko
Hryhorii Kornienko
Master in the manufacturing and
assembly of acoustic components
Ekaterina Bugaenko
Ekaterina Bugaenko
Office manager
Skachko Valery
Skachko Valery
Patent attorney
Copra Acoustic LLC — Ukrainian manufacturer of premium class acoustic systems with a multifaceted history of creation and development
Incredible variety of perception effects, the ability to change the parameters of the musical scene
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